Education / medium

Depressing. Is the debate over a language [ which is mainly a tool for communication and must not become not an identity - that should be associated with what one does not symbols of a group or community etc ] more important than the basic need of education itself ?

Morover, can anyone really argue that forcibly not teaching in English will inculcate a love for the vernacular, and also not reduce the competitive advantage one may have ?

If the real world primarily operated in language X, that would logically reflect in education. Egoes, language-politics should have no place in this. Languages are a practical tool, not something that should serve other needs.

Bombay Blues

Concrete, filth, chaos. With a glossy lipstick of paint, colourful hoardings, and vibrant clothes. Morose, worried faces and lost souls. Rapid movement of men, material and assorted hopes in buses, autos, swanky cars and local trains.


Or actually, any of our cities.

Bangalore's "High Class" apartments

  • Why's Bangalore still allowing high rises to come up in erstwhile beautiful, green spaces ? 17 floors, for crying out loud!
  • Having been a Mantri customer in the past, and having interacted with some from the family, their claim reeks of a certain nouveau-riche-ness
  • Do all "high-class" people talk like this ?
Especially in a town crawling with unassuming yet successful professionals and a very traditional older generation, who've all seen and sampled a huge variety of cultures, tastes and thoughts, and lend to the cities wonderfully cosmopolitan mix, this whole thing jars, and sounds vulgar. Isn't this the same 'not-high-class' that they've grown on the backs of ? Should you now buy one their 'lower class' apartments ?

Am not the 'high class' clientele the Mantri's are looking for, but if I were I'd want to stay away. But then I do not speak in terms of 'classes' in this day and age, and am not the 'like-minded' peope they seek.

Next time, please use less crass and PC descriptions of the arrived and well-heeled.