Bangalore Flickrd

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I've been planning to get up early, ride around town and click some snaps of old buildings, landmarks and all thats Bangalore.

Kollu Pati

Yesterday we went to see Shubha's great grandma, who might not turn 100 next March 03rd. She's lost most senses, and her food intake has become near zero in the last couple of days. Just about a year ago we used to marvel at her memory at this age, and were pretty sure of the century.

Its sad to see a human being in the state she is in. One does not even know whether she is in pain or not. Hospitalization seems like a cruel option, with the drips and tubes for the force-feeds etc, and hospitalization for what, anyhow.

I don't want to live to be a 100. I hope shes not in pain.

Trivandrum break

Did a road trip with Ramesh & family to Trivandrum - accomodation courtesy Shubha's folks. The journey to Tvm took nearly 24 hours - including a 6 hour sleepover at Coimbatore!! The return trip was merely 14 hours, including breaks - the road via Madurai is much quicker, tho the Kerala stretch has more for the first time visitor.

Cochin/Ernakulam seem to have boomed like crazy over the last couple of years - massive stores, apartments and traffic jams on the 'bypass' road tell a familiar tale.

Here's some pictures

Highlights of the trip

* kovalam - Akshat and Isika totally soaked up the sun, sea and sand
* Kanyakumari
* Padmanabahapuram palace

Drive within rules = Bloodied nose - Team-BHP

Drive within rules = Bloodied nose - Team-BHP

A lot many amongst us would have come across stuff like this - we need a forum to get these goons to at least get infamously publicised, if not served justice.