Banglore needs a coming of (garb)age - A Petition

Save N Lakshman Rau's Nursery By Stopping BBMP Petition

Its amazing how short term Bangalore's administrative planning and vision is. I have heard since 1996 that the city gre too fast - in a fraction of that time they have practically recreated Shanghai, and even facelifted Hyderabad completely.

Isn't is time for a practical, scientific landfill, and smarter management (including recycling, to reduce waste and recover costs) of waste generated ?

The per capita trash generation is surely lower in India than a lot of cities around the world. If the BBMP cannot manage this, all the talk and brochures projecting a futuristic image of Bangalore's growth are merely window dressing.

Crash boom bang

Just at the exit of our apartment complex. A series of bad coincidences, a badly designed and located speedbreaker, a less than alert security guard, and the Avenger's nose poked out just in time for the Corsa Sail's rear wheel to kiss it. The car had just swerved to the right side of the road to avoid the horrible speedbreaker which covers all but the extreme right of the road!


Bent fork, bruised hand, broken hubcap.

I've never (yet) fallen at anything >20kmph on the bikes. Weird.

Whence, whither, why ?

to be free, to not be chained
to fly, to look down below and see beauty
to feel alive, and live feelings
the heart aches, and the mind wanders

and edited later, not merely off the cuff, and with more rhyme and less reason :

to be free, to not be chained
to fly, explore, admire, unsrestrained,
to feel alive, feel, and pursue the yonders,
the heart aches, and the mind wanders