The TFN Needs Your Support!

We have BSA-TFN09 Posters for letting people know about the longest, funnest cycle ride in the country, and maybe even get a few more folks to take cycling up.TFN_A4_Poster-1_new.jpg

If you know of a place you can put one up please fill this out and wee'll deliver some posters to you. Thanks!

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When we run out of cooking gas

All our kitchens have been designed to accommodate LPG/electric cooktops. What next ? A higher dependence on electricity ? Solar options - both as converted to electricity, and perhaps using it directly through fibre ?

There's probably a cleantech innovation waiting to happen in the kitchen. We're probably not going back to firewood and coal :)

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Awesome Photographers

Take a peek at The TFN09 Official Photographer Contest Finalists. 3 more days before the Winner's announced!

Lotsa people have shared their opinions on the pics. Do share yours. After all we need help to pick only ONE of the 3 really really good photographers as the TFN09 Official Photographer!

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Bangalore could use some of this

New York has reclaimed some space for pedestrians!

By the same logic, buses should get 35-40% of Bangalore's space, cyclists at least 10%. Yet we cater most to private transport, and in fact more to cars than to two wheelers. Inverse proportions!

One major stick to improve city planning, carbon dependence, cycling usage, and more livable spaces will be to take away from cars and private transport, and give to public and non-motorized transport. There are just too many positive side-effects to ignore, apart from the fairness of the act.

How about starting with the Brigade Road. Church Street areas ? No traffic, street-cafes, bands - wow - that'll make it worth going to the city center once again!

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For a while, at least, to
Like the easy - flow and the fact that emailing a post in is easy. Lets see if its just euphoria.