Growth - !,?,??,:(

Here's a good one I came across this morning

Have been thinking about "growth" as it has started to mean to us. We say we need growth economies to generate enough to fee the growing billions. 

Trickle down has failed, so I guess growth isn't what its made out to be? It probably does create opportunity - but its too random, too sporadic and too destructive as well.

Economic growth - growth in energy consumption/production - growth in consumption of goods one didnt really need - growth of waste - growth of disease and illness.

We're 7 billion - up from 2 billion since the advent of modern medicine, industrialization. All those cliched essays discussing technology being a boon or bane in the larger context suddenly seem less irrelevant.

Isn't it shortsighted/narrow to assume there's no other model? Can there not be one around sustainability - of populations, economies, environment, consumption, energy. That seems to be nature's way for sure - and we've sucked at most things we dont out of sync with nature. 

Are we caught up in local maximas as a specieis - totally unable to see that the cancer is spreading too fast and we're not nearly as smart as we've started believing we are? We don't even pause to consider other models, other ways of being, other modes of existence.

Will inertia of motion, and this local maxima of intelligence, kill us?

I Exist

I exist - for me ?

for the next breath ?

(or just because of it)

for dreams ?

so i can be more

than mere existence ?

what is cause

what effect

is not for me to say

but since i exist

might as well

smell the roses on the way