Lawn shot

The Lawn Racket

Hope Adarsh and their ilk take note!
Interestingly, the article has left out the most important argument against 'carpet lawns' - water consumption. Unlike natural grassland and especially trees and plants, lawns do not help retain water - they need a lot and most of it evaporates rather quickly. Given that the next round of global hostilities may well be over freshwater resources - this is unpardonable.

Whither progress ?

The Curse of the Mobile Phone Age: Electronic Smog

Somehow the urban depression, the stress-freeness of the remote jungle all tie in. Maybe, just maybe, we're over the edge and falling already. Its true our body depends on electrical impulses, and its unlikely that a gazillion of these, especially the ones in higher concentration close to us, and all around us have no impact.

An entire generation of long lived (cause of better nutrition/excercise) and alzheimer stricken nervous wrecks is a very scary thought. Scarier is imagining being one of those. Time to move back to the wild ? Maybe nature will ensure we do, or doesn't care if we don't make it anyhow.

Infinite laziness on the blogfront

Lazyman's updates

  • Bangalore seems to be moving a bit on the infrastructure front - the airport, Metro, Peripheral road etc. However, no signs of a sewage or a water line anywhere around our apartment yet.
  • Akshat flew to TVM for a vacation all by himself. His entire generation seems to be fear-proof. He walked past security checks etc with the Jet Airaways staffer reasonably casually, and even managed to ask her some questions about the X-ray screening.
  • Mosquitoes, and mangoes, announced the season bigtime.
  • Nachiket Joshi - the guy whom we met in Ladakh and Spiti and who'd taken a year off to go backpacking across the country - figured on a Times Now programme about people who dared to. When will we dare to ?
  • Holi @ Redwoods was surprisingly nice, if low key.
  • Alankrita's first birthday turned out to be a huge gathering - and the country Club is out of our bad books for now.
  • School fees are beginning to scare the hell out of us - at this rate we'll have to won facr compared to Loyola, Jamshedpur, these all feel more hyped than substance.
  • Need to go on a ride/vacation soon. Been ages!