Infinite laziness on the blogfront

Lazyman's updates

  • Bangalore seems to be moving a bit on the infrastructure front - the airport, Metro, Peripheral road etc. However, no signs of a sewage or a water line anywhere around our apartment yet.
  • Akshat flew to TVM for a vacation all by himself. His entire generation seems to be fear-proof. He walked past security checks etc with the Jet Airaways staffer reasonably casually, and even managed to ask her some questions about the X-ray screening.
  • Mosquitoes, and mangoes, announced the season bigtime.
  • Nachiket Joshi - the guy whom we met in Ladakh and Spiti and who'd taken a year off to go backpacking across the country - figured on a Times Now programme about people who dared to. When will we dare to ?
  • Holi @ Redwoods was surprisingly nice, if low key.
  • Alankrita's first birthday turned out to be a huge gathering - and the country Club is out of our bad books for now.
  • School fees are beginning to scare the hell out of us - at this rate we'll have to won facr compared to Loyola, Jamshedpur, these all feel more hyped than substance.
  • Need to go on a ride/vacation soon. Been ages!


biju said...

me too! me too! bin ages!

Alankrita said...

nainital schools are leess expensive...

Supraja said...

Wow! Cant believe Akshat did that.Has he grown all that much already??