The Li'lfox Demon

Got Akshat one of those over the weekend. He's totally thrilled, and its a proper bike. hope to go on rides with him now that his knees won't bend all the time. Gotta teach him how to use brakes, first...

Oh yeah, the blasts

Bangalore got away relatively unharmed, and not too perturbed. Its the Ahmedabad folks who had it really bad. Sad. Confounding.

We're a very weird species.

Paper, Plastic, Cups

A lot of offices use paper cups. Lots of paper cups. For water, tea, etc. Sometimes even plastic ones. A discussion on one of the yahoo groups I'm a part of brought out this. Apparently, one floor uses 4000+ paper cups in month!

A simple and effective way out - gift each employee a basic ceramic mug or even a pseud looking stell one when they join - and a hip looking bottle they can refill for water. Saves infinite plastic/paper. [Increases the amount of water a person drinks too and thats usually healthy.]

Styrofoam is even worse - its got similar problems as plastics, and more so from a health pov.

Finally, nothing quite beats "wash and reuse". Especially so for personal mugs/cups which don't really need as much water or detergent as shared ones, especially for mere swigs of water.

Reuse. Not Recycle. Wherever possible.

Bike and save - a lot of things

Pledge some miles:

You'll save:

  • Your health
  • fuel
  • money
  • pollution
  • traffic stress/chaos
  • and, in the inner cities, time!
Its pretty much a no brainer, isn't it ?

Hat tip: BOTS

Kungfu Panda - wonderful movie

Watched this with Akshat on Sat - a delightful, well made movie. A trifle complex for younger kids, but they sort it out towards the end and love the action anyways.

Best part - Innovative was nearly empty - got tickets 10 mins before the show. And even better - they had kept an extra cushion on EVERY seat - keeping in mind the audience. Very very impressive!

No Parking!

No Parking for cycles!

On the one hand there's a certain population trying to make cycling "acceptable" again, thus presenting a very viable alternative to the traffic and pollution issues we've come to expect as de facto, and otoh there's short sighted "rules" preventing usage of this amazing means of transport.

C'mon business owners - if each of you dedicates a lot of 3-5 bikes each you'll help kick-start a revolution. The malls can surely do this much, and more. In fact the city should too - GWiz's get free parking and zero congestion tax in London, surely bikers here deserve that much.

What Can I Do?

As we hurtle towards an ominous future of our own doing:

Another Brick in The Wall

A little overdone, but gets a very useful message across.

Change to CFLs, put that brick in the cistern, and remember to switch off.

BIAS Routes Info

The Vayu Vajra/BIAS route info can now be found on the phone browser on or by sending an SMS query to 57575665. Queries could be "late night jayanagar bias" or "koramangala afternoon bus to bial", etc. The SMS interface is still being tweaked, but I hope its helpful in more people finding out more about the BIAS service, and taking them more often.

Children's Festival and learning

Shubha's helping out with the Festival starting tomorrow, and it got TOI coverage! Rainwater Club is surely doing a lot for awareness too.

Vir Sanghvi on Bottling Water

Vir Sanghvi writes in LiveMint about the idiocy of bottled water. Fortunately, Bangalore seems to be an exception inasmuch that most restaurants do have water filters and I've seen most people trust these and ask for "regular, not bottled".

The shipping part is very irksome - for water more so.

Choosing kids' bikes

We have been looking around for an upgrade for Akshat's current bike. Came across this:

Sadly, there's very little knowhow amongst bike dealers around here.