The Obama Nobel

If it was a Peace Prize, its timing could not have been more unfortunate. And the burden of this clearly showed on Obama and hence his defensive "what else can I do" acceptance speech.

Here's what I think he could have done. Decline to accept the Nobel.

An Obama who then explained that yes, he was the Commander-in-Chief of a nation waging two wars, and there was that part of his responsibility as  the President of the US of A that he is bound to execute, even as he stays hopeful and works towards a solution for peace, would have kept alive the vision he attempted to define through his oratory. He would have done much better to decline, 'for now', the Nobel and offered to pick it up when his dream and vision actually translate to reality. That would've really turned things around for him everywhere.

Oh well, I guess the big medal was a bit too much to resist. He's human, too, after all.

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The Water Miser Foot Tap

We recently installed a WATER MISER foot tap - details here  (

There a is pedal that is installed near the basin, when you pump the pedal - you have water in the tap. Its costs Rs 650/- (including installtion). We installed one at home in the common bathroom - and the kids loved it. Initially there were some leaks setting it up but the water miser staff was very prompt and fixed it. I think there is water saving - especially when we soap our hands and wash it/kids brush etc

A pic of our home installation attached. You can contact Chetan (9620483436) for more details. He actually comes around and does the installation too.

You are also most welcome to come and take a look at our home installation. 
Is anybody aware of any other vendor for a similar product ? 

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The BSA TFN Support Stations

The tent design for the TFN was sent by Hemant of Pappillon Design today - and it looks pretty awesome. So if you see one of these on the TFN Route somewhere, you know succour is close at hand :)

In case you're looking for this sort of a thing, Hemant is a very helpful guy and can be contacted at:

Mr Hemant(D)

+(91)-(80)-8025263, 41153854
Address: 1316, Near Leela Palace, 11 Th Main, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560008

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