The Wheels of a Bus

The Pulsar went back for a round of diagnostics to Venkat's place. And I took a ride with a pal upto the Dairy Circle, and a shared rick upto St Johns. As soon as I hopped off there was a 342 something right in front, and empty too! I hopped on and had a relaxed bus ride after ages.

Whats usually a 10 minute dash turned into a 20 minute journey (plus a 10 minute walk in a very light drizzle from where I hopped off to home). There were 4-5 stops along the way, and so many folks got off and on, my life unwittingly, fleetingly crossing paths with theirs, and lost in the passing of time a few moments later...

Should take the bus once in a while. Keeps one rooted in the city one lives in, and one gets to see the usual routes from a vantage point, at a peaceful, languid pace.

"life they had inherited from the corporations"

Songwriter's Notebook: Pivotal Moment in the Green Scare

All extreme points of view are usually exaggerated. But I'm discovering a liberal, left-of-centre streak to myself these days, and tend to empathize with the cause of lesser, lighter, less complex existence.

One also reads so often about America Inc's near total control of that nation - laws, policy and vision. Thankfully, India is still a noisy, slow moving economy where a large enough group of noisemakers can shout down changes they don't agree with. Not that I agree with the Narmada protestors 100%, or at all with those at Singur, but maybe there are things I do not understand and views of "progress" that are flawed. Who's to say....

And its so true that happiness usually eludes the larger cities, the richer nations and there's surely an alternative path to progress. India's possibly poised to discover it better than most, given the basic bent towards "sustenance" and not "growth" (u do have to ask what that growth is for, in a larger context). The earth has finite resources, and massive "growth" at a larger scale - not a personal one - may scar it beyond a level where it can sustain us. When that happens, my belief is we will get violently knocked out. And we may have started to see a little of that already.

Am I too leftist at moments ? But I do firmly believe in the freedom of the individual (ok thats liberal in many ways too) and growth - but harmoniously. No point increasing the pitch of the economic cycle to a level where the biggest resource of them all cannot take it anymore, right ?

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India, Do Not Call

National Do Not Call Registry of India

This has got to be a very useful resource for a lot of people. Telemarketers (while they're only doing their job) are a reviled lot, and this should make things easier for them. Is there scope for smart contextual advertising, since once in a blue moon I do get a call I respond to.

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And the more formal one....

Flickr Photo Download: Map of Ladakh

There are so many roads one needs to see - oh well.

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Very Good Map of Ladakh :)

Flickr Photo Download: Biking in Ladakh - our grp TShirts

Gives one a great overview, and starting point for planning your rides. Zanskar, Spiti aren't part of it tho - maybe I should get down to making maps on those Tees :)

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The Pulsar 220

Test rode this :

The beauty belongs to a rejuvenated Venkat of Auto Service, Banashankari.

Bajaj has bravely plonked it firmly above the Karizma's price range - and thats a very bold statement. This may yet again change the biking scene in the country.


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There's so much we miss down there from high up here. Need to remember to hear, see, feel and understand the tiny point of view a little more.

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How-to for parents

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But we all get into sermonizing despite all the fundaes, don't we ? :)

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HungryBlore/Zook on TV

Hungry Bangalore on Headlines Today

As usual the media didnt get it ALL right. But glad they edited out my more nervous, rambling moments :)

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