The Wheels of a Bus

The Pulsar went back for a round of diagnostics to Venkat's place. And I took a ride with a pal upto the Dairy Circle, and a shared rick upto St Johns. As soon as I hopped off there was a 342 something right in front, and empty too! I hopped on and had a relaxed bus ride after ages.

Whats usually a 10 minute dash turned into a 20 minute journey (plus a 10 minute walk in a very light drizzle from where I hopped off to home). There were 4-5 stops along the way, and so many folks got off and on, my life unwittingly, fleetingly crossing paths with theirs, and lost in the passing of time a few moments later...

Should take the bus once in a while. Keeps one rooted in the city one lives in, and one gets to see the usual routes from a vantage point, at a peaceful, languid pace.

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