Hampi BikeNomads Meet 2007

Describes the Hampi Meet Perfectly

That photo describes the meet/place perfectly. Its also nice I'm in it ;)

Bus Bay

The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News : 140 bus bays to be constructed in Bangalore city

Welcome relief. Too many micro-jams caused by BMTC giants pausing wherever, whenever.
Only, hopefully these won't all be built within 50 metres of intersections - thats the bigger culprit, really.

Helmet Heaven

Motorcyclist At Large: Motorcycle Helmets: I understand and I still don't want to wear one..

Extremely good set of links - all you wanted to know about Helmets but have been making excuses against. I really hope Bangaloreans start taking to helmets voluntarily, not through legislation.

Right (to) Info


Found a lot of useful numbers in one place. Really useful stuff for commonly needed rules and regulations, contact numbers.