Hampi BikeNomads Meet 2007

Describes the Hampi Meet Perfectly

That photo describes the meet/place perfectly. Its also nice I'm in it ;)

Bus Bay

The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News : 140 bus bays to be constructed in Bangalore city

Welcome relief. Too many micro-jams caused by BMTC giants pausing wherever, whenever.
Only, hopefully these won't all be built within 50 metres of intersections - thats the bigger culprit, really.

Helmet Heaven

Motorcyclist At Large: Motorcycle Helmets: I understand and I still don't want to wear one..

Extremely good set of links - all you wanted to know about Helmets but have been making excuses against. I really hope Bangaloreans start taking to helmets voluntarily, not through legislation.

Right (to) Info


Found a lot of useful numbers in one place. Really useful stuff for commonly needed rules and regulations, contact numbers.

So predictable

Deve Gowda's three conditions for the BJP

Karnataka's Legislative Assembly must be the largest real estate agency on the planet. Utterly shameful, or shameless, whichever way you want to look at it. I rarely have strong opinions against individuals but for the sake of this city and state one wishes the ex PM distances himself from the political landscape here - for whatever reasons or in whatever way.

Truly very sad.

Back from a break

Had a 2 week break at Jamshedpur - where we're from. This was Durga Puja time, and given that my Dad's off from there next year, pretty much the last proper Puja I'll get to see.

The weather was really kind - no heat or humidity - and nothing torrential either. Took trains both ways and the journeys were very much part of the vacation - finished a book each way (after ages). Unfortunately the Yeshwantput-Tata exp had no pantry, so the food was iffy.

BTW, SPOT Citicab has amazing service - +918041100000. Found it on Zook :)

Bangalore's much colder since we returned - but feels pretty. The traffic just seems suddenly much much worse tho.

Thats a picture from the puja mela at the Sabuj Kalyan Sangha grounds in Telco.

Had also been to BIT Mesra where I passed out of in 1996 - had a brief chat with the final year guys. The Comp Sci department has grown to behemoth proportions, and the erstwhile OAT is now a covered, usable space.

Here's a few more pix from the trip - unfortunately all from the cell cam which isnt the best in low light.

Cutting Edge Consumers

My Mobile Blog

Used this to get Shubha to pick one the two - Sids blogged from his SE - and the decision actually changed as compared to the description over the phone earlier!

Have you lived your dream ?

Your Job: Have you lived your dream? - Team-BHP

Hmm interesting discussion here. On common refrain amongst the software types is the drudgery of the job. What can fix that ? Perhaps too many jumped into the "current hot thing" and of course, till not long ago - and even today for a large percentage - following your heart was not an option.

Hypothetical question : Won't we all rock if we basically do what we love to do ? I mean there will be little by way of 'just doing my job' ... of course its a naive statement and things are rarely static - but its still a thought worth considering when hiring/creating workplaces.

I want to ride my bicycle

Bangalore IT professionals cycle towards a green future


A long time ago I did try this - on a higher end Indian bike. The traffic on Hosur road, and a flat, got to me and I gave up after exactly 4 rides.
Maybe time to give it another shot. Also a good way to exercise, and avoid traffic jams too!


Kuensel Newspaper - Who will tame the car?

The numbers are all tiny, but the problem huge. Its probably more fragile too.

Time for change ?

Change IST, save energy, say scientists- Hindustan Times

Wow, are their fallacies in there ? Is the "new time" communication to the huge population an easy task ? Are my blog entry titles getting a little too TOI-like ?

Another com-post

Bangalore woman SHOWS how garbage is 'exciting'

This one also demonstrates scale. Maybe halving the total garbage output of the city is not that much of a pipe dream, after all.

Think before you dump

Daily Dump - Compost at Home

Am not clear what happens to the compost yet - but sounds like a plan. If the garbage output of the city reduced by even 50%, it would solve a huge problem! Also, as a byproduct very rich topsoil might really improve yield. How does it get to those who need great topsoil, without being infinitely expensive ? No clue. Or is it sold in "retail size" packets ? Lotsa questions....


Bangalore is officially Bengaluru

somehow the combo of the Anglic and the Vernacular had stronger appeal. So no change in the blog's name for sure.
Not that anyone cares :D

Recycled by BWSSB!

Deccan Herald - Thirsty Bangalore to get recycled water

This is both very encouraging, as well as a little scary. After all, BWSSB does only a just-about-ok job of treating relatively cleaner river water. Recycling is a great idea - especially at only 5% wastage - but running it efficiently is way more critical now, and way bigger a challenge for a governmental org.

Big Un!!!!

Sania stuns Hingis in Los Angeles

I am not a major tennis fan, and this ain't about Bangalore. But stuff like this does not happen everyday :) Wow! Wow!

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The Wheels of a Bus

The Pulsar went back for a round of diagnostics to Venkat's place. And I took a ride with a pal upto the Dairy Circle, and a shared rick upto St Johns. As soon as I hopped off there was a 342 something right in front, and empty too! I hopped on and had a relaxed bus ride after ages.

Whats usually a 10 minute dash turned into a 20 minute journey (plus a 10 minute walk in a very light drizzle from where I hopped off to home). There were 4-5 stops along the way, and so many folks got off and on, my life unwittingly, fleetingly crossing paths with theirs, and lost in the passing of time a few moments later...

Should take the bus once in a while. Keeps one rooted in the city one lives in, and one gets to see the usual routes from a vantage point, at a peaceful, languid pace.

"life they had inherited from the corporations"

Songwriter's Notebook: Pivotal Moment in the Green Scare

All extreme points of view are usually exaggerated. But I'm discovering a liberal, left-of-centre streak to myself these days, and tend to empathize with the cause of lesser, lighter, less complex existence.

One also reads so often about America Inc's near total control of that nation - laws, policy and vision. Thankfully, India is still a noisy, slow moving economy where a large enough group of noisemakers can shout down changes they don't agree with. Not that I agree with the Narmada protestors 100%, or at all with those at Singur, but maybe there are things I do not understand and views of "progress" that are flawed. Who's to say....

And its so true that happiness usually eludes the larger cities, the richer nations and there's surely an alternative path to progress. India's possibly poised to discover it better than most, given the basic bent towards "sustenance" and not "growth" (u do have to ask what that growth is for, in a larger context). The earth has finite resources, and massive "growth" at a larger scale - not a personal one - may scar it beyond a level where it can sustain us. When that happens, my belief is we will get violently knocked out. And we may have started to see a little of that already.

Am I too leftist at moments ? But I do firmly believe in the freedom of the individual (ok thats liberal in many ways too) and growth - but harmoniously. No point increasing the pitch of the economic cycle to a level where the biggest resource of them all cannot take it anymore, right ?

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India, Do Not Call

National Do Not Call Registry of India

This has got to be a very useful resource for a lot of people. Telemarketers (while they're only doing their job) are a reviled lot, and this should make things easier for them. Is there scope for smart contextual advertising, since once in a blue moon I do get a call I respond to.

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And the more formal one....

Flickr Photo Download: Map of Ladakh

There are so many roads one needs to see - oh well.

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Very Good Map of Ladakh :)

Flickr Photo Download: Biking in Ladakh - our grp TShirts

Gives one a great overview, and starting point for planning your rides. Zanskar, Spiti aren't part of it tho - maybe I should get down to making maps on those Tees :)

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The Pulsar 220

Test rode this :

The beauty belongs to a rejuvenated Venkat of Auto Service, Banashankari.

Bajaj has bravely plonked it firmly above the Karizma's price range - and thats a very bold statement. This may yet again change the biking scene in the country.


Calvin and Hobbes, comics, editorial cartoons, - Flash Player Installation

There's so much we miss down there from high up here. Need to remember to hear, see, feel and understand the tiny point of view a little more.

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How-to for parents

Calvin and Hobbes, comics, editorial cartoons, - Flash Player Installation

But we all get into sermonizing despite all the fundaes, don't we ? :)

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HungryBlore/Zook on TV

Hungry Bangalore on Headlines Today

As usual the media didnt get it ALL right. But glad they edited out my more nervous, rambling moments :)

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Banglore needs a coming of (garb)age - A Petition

Save N Lakshman Rau's Nursery By Stopping BBMP Petition

Its amazing how short term Bangalore's administrative planning and vision is. I have heard since 1996 that the city gre too fast - in a fraction of that time they have practically recreated Shanghai, and even facelifted Hyderabad completely.

Isn't is time for a practical, scientific landfill, and smarter management (including recycling, to reduce waste and recover costs) of waste generated ?

The per capita trash generation is surely lower in India than a lot of cities around the world. If the BBMP cannot manage this, all the talk and brochures projecting a futuristic image of Bangalore's growth are merely window dressing.

Crash boom bang

Just at the exit of our apartment complex. A series of bad coincidences, a badly designed and located speedbreaker, a less than alert security guard, and the Avenger's nose poked out just in time for the Corsa Sail's rear wheel to kiss it. The car had just swerved to the right side of the road to avoid the horrible speedbreaker which covers all but the extreme right of the road!


Bent fork, bruised hand, broken hubcap.

I've never (yet) fallen at anything >20kmph on the bikes. Weird.

Whence, whither, why ?

to be free, to not be chained
to fly, to look down below and see beauty
to feel alive, and live feelings
the heart aches, and the mind wanders

and edited later, not merely off the cuff, and with more rhyme and less reason :

to be free, to not be chained
to fly, explore, admire, unsrestrained,
to feel alive, feel, and pursue the yonders,
the heart aches, and the mind wanders

Zook - ur mobile life tool

[ This is from what I do at work.... ]

Zook is going live.

Zook is a new mobile answer engine which helps you quickly get answers, and act on them, not just pages upon pages of links. It identifies the really clear answers upfront, or interactively narrows down to what you really meant to look for. On the move, wherever you are.

To start zook .in

* WAP : http:// zook.in
* SMS : "ZOOK " to 3030
o [ when SMSing, remember to always start with "ZOOK ... " !!!! ]

In its first avatar, Zook gets you

  • Ringtones
  • Restaurants (Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai - you can add blr/del/mum to ur searches for getting to a city's info - say " blr casino royale" )
  • Movies (Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai)
  • Events (Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai)
We're adding more cities and things you can find and do.

If you like what you see, please do include your friends in groups or as friends, and spread the word about Zook. Also, please send your comments/suggestions to feedback@zook.in . Or let me know at 984518020 .

A short how-to guide can be found at http://www.zivasoftware.com/faq.php.
More details about what Zook can do for you below.

Happy zook.in !


Zook FAQts :

Whats Zook ?

Zook is the new way to use your mobile phone. Let it now be your friend which helps you find a place to eat, or catch a movie, or download fun stuff for your mobile.

Its on your WAP phone at http://zook.in

You can also send an SMS - "ZOOK " to 3030
[ BTW, You can also just use "Z" instead of " ZOOK" ]

So, a local search engine on the phone? So?

Zook is not just a search engine. Zook makes sense of the data, and of what you asked. It analyzes the data, your interests and interprets the likely intent of your query.

A few examples [ Remember : on SMS start all queries with "ZOOK" , e.g. "zook chinese" !! ]

you : chinese blr
zook : 1:Restaurant:Chungs Chinese Corner, Indiranagar
2:Ringtone:Theme Of China Gate, Monotone
7: Restaurant (31+)
8: Ringtone (19+)
9: Locality: Indiranagar (5+)
10: City: Bangalore (31+)

you : 7
zook :1:Magnolia, Koramangala, South Bangalore
2:Aromas Of China, Langford Town
6: Locality: Indiranagar (6+)
7: Locality: Church Street (4+)
8: Locality: Koramangala (7+)
9: Locality: South Bangalore (4+)
10: Locality: Palace Road (2+)
you : 6
zook :1:Wangs Place, Indiranagar
2:Chungs Pavilion, Indiranagar
3:Wan Ley, Indiranagar
4:Gokul Kuteera, Indiranagar
5:Oregano, Indiranagar
6:Vishals, Indiranagar
7:Ramya, Indiranagar
8:Bangalore Mandarin, Double Road, Off Richmond Circle,


you : thai kgla
zook :1.Magnolia, Koramangala
2. Pan Asian Bites, Koramangala
you : 1
zook :Restaurant: Magnolia
Cuisine: SE Asian, Chinese, Thai
Phone: +918041102222
Address: 840, 7th Cross, 15th Main, 3rd Block Koramangala Bangalore - India (Koramangala ) 560095
1. SMS "RESERVE 1 for 5" to 3030 to book a table for 5 at Magnolia
2. SMS " ORDER" to 3030 for a callback for delivery/takeaway orders

(You can Reserve/Order through HungryBangalore.com. These are some things you can "do" now after you find something. We're adding lots more soon)


you : guru pvr blr
zook : Movie: Guru (Hindi)
Theatre: PVR
Timings: 12:00pm, 12:15pm, 3:50pm, 3:30pm, 6:40pm, 6:45pm, 9:50pm, 10:00pm
Address: The Forum, 3rd Floor, Nr. Madiwala Checkpost Koramangala Bangalore
Phone: +918022067511

And Zook is not just local. Its about your leisure, your music, your tastes, your choices, your neighbourhood, your friends....

Friends ?

Yes. Your friends give you the best references, and beyond a point can give you a way better answer than even we can. So if Zook cannot dig out the answer, it helps pass it on to your friends.

You can create groups of people you hang out with for various different things - work, bowling, golf, whatever. Your contacts and each set of people can be your 'expert circle' for answers and advice (and soon we'll enrich the data for the entire community based on stuff you find out and share). You can both ASK these contacts about choices, or information, and TELL them about what you like (whether or not you found it on Zook).

you : korean kgla
zook :No Matches Found
ASK your friends?
send "ASK "
you : ask amit, 9878709878 Is there a good Korean place in Blore ?

amit : Tell nopes theres a couple of good Japanese ones tho

You can ask more than one friend, and we'll summarize their responses too.

Need WAP ?

Zook works fully featured on both WAP as well as SMS ( ZOOK/Z on 3030) !!
SMS is charged at whatever your operator's premium SMS rates are.

Next time you need to look, Zook it!

TeamZook @ Ziva

Cubbon Park

Sunday was spent on a trip to Cubbon Park - the train ride, other assorted rides, the aquarium, followed up with some delightful luchi-alu at KC Das.

Cubbon park is a fun place for the kids - and cheap! And surprisingly uncrowded! I guess Bangaloreans prefer the upmarket options these days by default :) The toy train station has been renovated and looks quite nice - and its only 10/- for adults and 5 for <10 year olds.

The balloon, cheap-plastic-toys, assorted refreshments vendors outside add to the carnival look. The only sore/aberrant sight was of the government outlet selling mackerel etc right outside the aquarium !!