Back from a break

Had a 2 week break at Jamshedpur - where we're from. This was Durga Puja time, and given that my Dad's off from there next year, pretty much the last proper Puja I'll get to see.

The weather was really kind - no heat or humidity - and nothing torrential either. Took trains both ways and the journeys were very much part of the vacation - finished a book each way (after ages). Unfortunately the Yeshwantput-Tata exp had no pantry, so the food was iffy.

BTW, SPOT Citicab has amazing service - +918041100000. Found it on Zook :)

Bangalore's much colder since we returned - but feels pretty. The traffic just seems suddenly much much worse tho.

Thats a picture from the puja mela at the Sabuj Kalyan Sangha grounds in Telco.

Had also been to BIT Mesra where I passed out of in 1996 - had a brief chat with the final year guys. The Comp Sci department has grown to behemoth proportions, and the erstwhile OAT is now a covered, usable space.

Here's a few more pix from the trip - unfortunately all from the cell cam which isnt the best in low light.

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