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Bunch of upgrades to Zook.

  • Find the alert you want to set. Try “alerts movies INOX bangalore” or “alerts electronics deals“ - essentially syntax independent after the “alerts ….” - find and set the deals/movies/events you want to follow, not the “best whatever” somebody else puts and pushes to you.
  • Greetings: Find a birthday/diwali/eid, etc, SMS forward, and set it up for the appropriate day as a mobile greeting! We’ll make sure its delivered on the right day and tell your friend you remembered them on the special day.
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Why Ride

This one talks about how everyone benefits from cycling - everyone around too that is!

A little too positive, but yeah, if enough cars get off Sarjapura Road, everyone will benefit.

"Ring" tone is called that for a reason

Here's something that warmed my heart.

I'm probably just old, but have not made my peace with non-"phone ring" ringtones yet :)

Markets down ? Not for cycles...

Original Article Here

I guess it is a wonderful invention, and as the human race discovers more and more of it, it can only do us all a lot of good. Meanwhile, people have been putting in fabulous mileage on their bikes - and I'm totally awed/inspired.

First "weekend" ride

Finally managed to do a weekend ride around Sarjapura Road this morning. Apartment - Hosa Road - left at the end towards Huskur - Continued straight towards the road on which Vakil Township etc are - then Dommasandra. Had IVC there - and headed back via DPS - some back roads - Sarjapura Road. 30 easy-riding kilometres in all. The stretch just before Huskur was pure off roading fun.


Saurabh/Trek 4300 V
Arvind/Trek 6500 D
Sameer/Merida SUB 40 V

Total time: 1Hr 40 mins including the breakfast break.
Average riding speed as per my Trek cyclometer: 17.4

Next week target : 50kms hopefully.

Pic: Saurabh rides up in a light drizzle as a I take a break.

Lets go down *that* road

live the life that you want to buy the high definition TV to watch on ?
be moments you catch in someone's fairy tale ?
breathe the cool mountain air that looks so cool on flickr ?
what do you wanna do ? lets go there ?
are you already in the script somebody else scripted ?
do you want to be in someone else's skin ?
which is the real you, and where will it be found ?
which is your favourite colour ? Dessert ? Sound ?
But thats just cause its cool.
acquired, borrowed taste.
an overarching sense of urgency and haste.
a busy life, a sense of purpose.
what is it you really want, what ?
high end beemer ? cruise control ?
faster download, smoother road ?
better this and more aspirational that ?
when you fly so high, oooh, it all looks flat.
or did you just catch a glimpse of what might be the other life ?
is it an escapist dream or the true self ?
what happens now, if you just give in ?
give in.
is it just a little bit the same as giving up ?
have you just tired a little of living it up ?
are you ready to face the consequences of the pursuit of the dream ?
or does the thought of "consequences" make you scream ?
free fall, high rise, take the context to a different life.
green grass, blue sky. Out of the tube, and go you, fly.
flow with it. go with it. take the risk thats not a risk.
ah what music to the heart
but will you, will I, ever ?

Not sure you want to buy that high end Trek/Merida?

Rent-a-cycle now, if you're not sure you want to invest in a high end one right away. Bangalore Bikers thought some about it, and decided it would both help people discover these bikes, and trails, and let the bikes earn for themselves when idle.

Moral Brigade Adventures Episode N

Now the moral police corrects moral code violations involving inter-community-interactions.

Isn't this contempt of law, the constitution and the basic ethos of multi-cultural India? If any hard line stance needs acceptance, its the one thats completely intolerant of such policing. Sure, they have a right to frown upon it and not agree with it conceptually, but "Girls reform themselves once they are thrashed and humiliated in public, but boys are tougher to control" gives away these Neanderthals for what they really are.

This is really regressive, sad and irritating. But then polity today lacks leaders - who can create consensus and drive progressive opinion - but has mere "followers" of populist - and sometimes not even that, but merely shrill and unchallenged - opinion. And one hardly expects these vacuous individuals to provide progressive thought leadership, or take on the loud mouths that are practicing anarchy in the name of ethnic, religious identities.

As you sow, so you feel

Calvin has his brush with the implications of mankinds misdeeds.