Moral Brigade Adventures Episode N

Now the moral police corrects moral code violations involving inter-community-interactions.

Isn't this contempt of law, the constitution and the basic ethos of multi-cultural India? If any hard line stance needs acceptance, its the one thats completely intolerant of such policing. Sure, they have a right to frown upon it and not agree with it conceptually, but "Girls reform themselves once they are thrashed and humiliated in public, but boys are tougher to control" gives away these Neanderthals for what they really are.

This is really regressive, sad and irritating. But then polity today lacks leaders - who can create consensus and drive progressive opinion - but has mere "followers" of populist - and sometimes not even that, but merely shrill and unchallenged - opinion. And one hardly expects these vacuous individuals to provide progressive thought leadership, or take on the loud mouths that are practicing anarchy in the name of ethnic, religious identities.

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