Lets go down *that* road

live the life that you want to buy the high definition TV to watch on ?
be moments you catch in someone's fairy tale ?
breathe the cool mountain air that looks so cool on flickr ?
what do you wanna do ? lets go there ?
are you already in the script somebody else scripted ?
do you want to be in someone else's skin ?
which is the real you, and where will it be found ?
which is your favourite colour ? Dessert ? Sound ?
But thats just cause its cool.
acquired, borrowed taste.
an overarching sense of urgency and haste.
a busy life, a sense of purpose.
what is it you really want, what ?
high end beemer ? cruise control ?
faster download, smoother road ?
better this and more aspirational that ?
when you fly so high, oooh, it all looks flat.
or did you just catch a glimpse of what might be the other life ?
is it an escapist dream or the true self ?
what happens now, if you just give in ?
give in.
is it just a little bit the same as giving up ?
have you just tired a little of living it up ?
are you ready to face the consequences of the pursuit of the dream ?
or does the thought of "consequences" make you scream ?
free fall, high rise, take the context to a different life.
green grass, blue sky. Out of the tube, and go you, fly.
flow with it. go with it. take the risk thats not a risk.
ah what music to the heart
but will you, will I, ever ?

1 comment:

vibhu said...

Take life as it comes.
savor the moments when you get them.
remember when you can't.
moreover, don't be afraid to dream impossible.