TOI again ? A little tired of the Hindu's agenda.

The Hindu : Opinion / Readers' Editor : Online : Balance: Readers’ perceptions, and the practice

The Readers' Editor has indeed done a little soul searching on the Hindu's behalf, but to little effect, I think.

This gives a comprehensive ringside view of the debate about the Hindu's leanings, which I had not known or anticipated at all when we switched to the daily, but perceived very quickly.

Yet another dream

sudipto.dg - Bicycle tours in Eastern Himachal Pradesh

Start cycling again and do this trip (that we did on the Pulsar earlier) slooowly. Need to get started, first. I'm sure I'll collapse after a couple of kilometres in my current state :)

Road Rage Stats

Synovate In:fact July 2005 - Is the leisurely drive on the road to extinction?

How do various people define "rude" and "aggression" probably has a role to play too.

BIAL is probably better than this tho...

Heathrow Horror Show | Autopia from

This is not very surprising :) I've heard worse tales of Paris, and its all good fun. Except for the passengers. That reminds me - got a flight to catch early am, should go to sleep....thankfully its only from HAL so I do not have to start in an hour.