The Water Miser Foot Tap

We recently installed a WATER MISER foot tap - details here  (

There a is pedal that is installed near the basin, when you pump the pedal - you have water in the tap. Its costs Rs 650/- (including installtion). We installed one at home in the common bathroom - and the kids loved it. Initially there were some leaks setting it up but the water miser staff was very prompt and fixed it. I think there is water saving - especially when we soap our hands and wash it/kids brush etc

A pic of our home installation attached. You can contact Chetan (9620483436) for more details. He actually comes around and does the installation too.

You are also most welcome to come and take a look at our home installation. 
Is anybody aware of any other vendor for a similar product ? 

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Bijesh said...

nice pose by A :-)

BTW, does this work with the mixer (hot/cold)? Or does it do only one of the two - hot or cold. The website doesn't mention this nor is it apparent from the pictures

09smithjame said...

All of us are well aware of the scarcity of water every where around us.In such a bad status to prevent wastage of water.I really would like to appreciate the water miser foot tap detailed in this post.
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