Bangalore could use some of this

New York has reclaimed some space for pedestrians!

By the same logic, buses should get 35-40% of Bangalore's space, cyclists at least 10%. Yet we cater most to private transport, and in fact more to cars than to two wheelers. Inverse proportions!

One major stick to improve city planning, carbon dependence, cycling usage, and more livable spaces will be to take away from cars and private transport, and give to public and non-motorized transport. There are just too many positive side-effects to ignore, apart from the fairness of the act.

How about starting with the Brigade Road. Church Street areas ? No traffic, street-cafes, bands - wow - that'll make it worth going to the city center once again!

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Glifford said...

Add commercial street!

Sad part is best of these streets are lost in the chaos created by "India's First Automated Computerized Parking Zone"!

Add to that a 100 attendants needed for the automanualated zone!

For those who cannot walk (aged, physically challenged) can use electric buggies like in airports.