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Used this to get Shubha to pick one the two - Sids blogged from his SE - and the decision actually changed as compared to the description over the phone earlier!

Have you lived your dream ?

Your Job: Have you lived your dream? - Team-BHP

Hmm interesting discussion here. On common refrain amongst the software types is the drudgery of the job. What can fix that ? Perhaps too many jumped into the "current hot thing" and of course, till not long ago - and even today for a large percentage - following your heart was not an option.

Hypothetical question : Won't we all rock if we basically do what we love to do ? I mean there will be little by way of 'just doing my job' ... of course its a naive statement and things are rarely static - but its still a thought worth considering when hiring/creating workplaces.

I want to ride my bicycle

Bangalore IT professionals cycle towards a green future

A long time ago I did try this - on a higher end Indian bike. The traffic on Hosur road, and a flat, got to me and I gave up after exactly 4 rides.
Maybe time to give it another shot. Also a good way to exercise, and avoid traffic jams too!


Kuensel Newspaper - Who will tame the car?

The numbers are all tiny, but the problem huge. Its probably more fragile too.

Time for change ?

Change IST, save energy, say scientists- Hindustan Times

Wow, are their fallacies in there ? Is the "new time" communication to the huge population an easy task ? Are my blog entry titles getting a little too TOI-like ?

Another com-post

Bangalore woman SHOWS how garbage is 'exciting'

This one also demonstrates scale. Maybe halving the total garbage output of the city is not that much of a pipe dream, after all.