i looked in the mirror this morning
and i saw the damndest creature of habit
it was running along with other rats alongside
but vainly thought it was just a smarter rabbit
but the end of the track merges into the startline
and the chequered flag is an oasis far away
its only the start of the season
u gotta run, run, run every day

every day the moments pass on by (in traffic? :
and a thousand cars - they pass by you too )
and you live the way you live to keep on living
and you do the things to do the things to you
every day you have a need to know a little more
every day you have have even less of a clue

oh look at your ledger - perfect balance
on the edge of a sword that can cause a hidden cut
you learn to maximise your time and mind and virtues
and you learn to get stuck in the rut

till one day
the sun shines different
and maybe you have lost your vision
or maybe its your knees that gave way
and you cannot walk to that glass of water
or the next desire you have
so you must succumb
you must yield
to next fittest rat
your times up, you rabbit
give up now, or you've had it
but can you breathe when you know you're breathing
and can you hear the song they're playing
and can you stop and pause and not be
seized by the panic
of being left out of what you chased
coming last in the race
a rat losing face
can you do it ?

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