Bangalore's "High Class" apartments

  • Why's Bangalore still allowing high rises to come up in erstwhile beautiful, green spaces ? 17 floors, for crying out loud!
  • Having been a Mantri customer in the past, and having interacted with some from the family, their claim reeks of a certain nouveau-riche-ness
  • Do all "high-class" people talk like this ?
Especially in a town crawling with unassuming yet successful professionals and a very traditional older generation, who've all seen and sampled a huge variety of cultures, tastes and thoughts, and lend to the cities wonderfully cosmopolitan mix, this whole thing jars, and sounds vulgar. Isn't this the same 'not-high-class' that they've grown on the backs of ? Should you now buy one their 'lower class' apartments ?

Am not the 'high class' clientele the Mantri's are looking for, but if I were I'd want to stay away. But then I do not speak in terms of 'classes' in this day and age, and am not the 'like-minded' peope they seek.

Next time, please use less crass and PC descriptions of the arrived and well-heeled.

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