Cycling ?

One Way to Encourage Urban Cycling: Traffic Protected Bike Lanes | Autopia from

Given enough bike lanes - Bangalore would be perfect to bike in. Short distances, good weather, no major slopes. Safety, as the article and subsequent comments demonstrate, is a function of a multitude of factors. And any mode of transport can be less or more safe than any other, given the right circumstances. Idiot bikers, idiot drivers, idiot pedestrians, we're all part of the problem awaiting a solution :)

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GR said...

got here via your Trek post on POT :)

funnily that's the second trek post for commute I'm seeing in two days.

no point wishing it were possible in Hyd. a very senior colleague still does

it scares the &%^$ out of me being without a flasher and mirrors and


and my Ranger Swing rusts away ...

mebbe Dyumna will use it (if it is rsnbly shiny enough :P)