Hazards of being a bl**dy do-gooder

As is wont with the more enthusiastic bikers in Bangalore, Rohan and a bunch of others were at Lalbagh some time ago trying to spread the word and do their bit to create a mindset change towards cycling.

Look what they got from some senior citizen, and some official!

I remember a guy trying to pick a fight around the same place earlier too when we'd gone there for the first Critical Mass. Fine, you have a different point of view - but whats with the animal behaviour, morons ?


Biju said...

What exactly was that idiot's problem??? That there were two guys on bicycles?

I hope this doesn't deter folks from jumping on to bicycles, man!

sameer said...

Nah, bikers will probably go spread the word with renewed vigour. The words of a few narrow minded crazies will not matter at all.

G said...

Amit Gupta
This was frikking tragic. Shame on that tree warden and his friends! Their typical MO is to raise voices, gather the unwashed, illiterate masses and when all fails to use their greater body mass & resort to violence.

deepak said...

Best way to deal with such people is to not loose your cool.

It is a waste of time trying to convince people who dont want to be convinced but absolutely keeping your cool and being calm normally works.

What was that "gentlemen"'s problem anyway ? Why was he so agitated ?

Dots said...

Very curious, who was the guy who filmed this?

SloganMurugan said...

A lesson on how to write slogans.

Arun said...

Pretty rude to be asked move out of a public place. They were not even inside lalbag compound.

I think Deepak is right, they probably could have put their point across by being cool, but got restless. Easier to comment sitting here, but :)