Uncertainty Zone

I'm taking the-other road at the fork, and the amorphous mix of dreams, explorations, desires, fears and uncertainty ahead make it a very heady, exciting choice.

Hopefully it'll be mostly fun. Some of those journeys have started, and I'm already finding that the "lots of free time" is a myth :) But as the options evolve, and some emerge at the top of the "permanence table", that may solve itself.

I do hope to finish a few books, and network a lot more. I also hope to discover a lot more - of myself, of Bangalore, of Coorg, of the entrepreneurship space around here. And I hope to push myself into being more well-rounded (not physically!) and developing and putting to good use some of the skills I'd like to grow/see mature. More than anything, I definitely hope to do some stuff that gives me deep rooted satisfaction, and a sense of connectedness to the real world.

Life's a good school :)

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