Where the hell was I, and where were you ?

First, just watch this one:

Crime/scandal on TV is a spectator sport. even Twitter is not too different. A breakup is about as interesting as a rice scam or corruption in a highway deal or irregularities at a Petrol Pump.

We catch it on all channels, we discuss it with indignation, clench our teeth, feel frustrated, and the next week brings a different story. If it happens to be another scam, rinse and repeat. If its Mdme Sawant or the like, add a few jibes, titillation and perhaps satire to it.

Whats amazing is, despite this mass of mere spectators, we have a relentless stream of whistleblowers! Jai Hind to those few, and to their spirit. I dunno about the spirit of Mumbai and all that, but these few individuals needed much more from us, the TRP/pageview drivers.


The "unnees, unnees, unnees, unnees ....... " was haunting me - so did a little bit on the web. Here's a blog post with the lyrics and the history behind them. I had completely missed, and not known about Navleen Kumar. Its a funny mix of feelings you get on hearing this song.

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