Experiment. Help Me Choose A Phone

I usually think of the next phone when the current one breaks, is lost, stops working, etc. But recent Android devices have caught my attention and I have been thinking. Also want to run an experiment on how the community might be able to help me decide.

Need: Replacement for my old, but perfectly alright E65
Want: Android
Budget: As low as possible, max around the 15k mark
Used/new - either's fine.
Need upgradability (why buy an Android otherwise)
Not likely to be a very heavy web user, camera doesn't matter much. Don't hear music much either.
Would like to use apps. Not that I've managed to use any so far despite a few downloads.

So. Do I need an upgrade at all ? Wait ? Buy now ? What ? Will I ever pay for pricey 3G plans ?
Have taken a peek at the Samsung Spica, HTC Tattoo, and Sony Xperia X10 Mini.

Comments, suggestions, advice, etc, please.

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Jagannath Moorthy said...

I think you will be disappointed with the Android phones that are available for 15K. The processors in the Spica, Tatoo et al are just about fast enough for today's software. But I have my doubts if they will be able to run the firmwares that will come in a year or two.

I would stretch the budget a little more and buy the Milestone or the X10 or even the Galaxy S. Sure, you're paying 15K more, but you get a phone that will last you a couple of years atleast.

I had a Nexus One, loved it as a computer, but didn't like it much as a phone. I have sold that and am using a cheap Nokia phone, will wait for an Android tablet to come. There are plenty coming later this year

sameer said...

Fast enough!? Am sure they'll zip compared to the e65 :) And I don't seem to be bothered enough by slowness on the phone, etc.

Cannot spend 25k+ on phones. Ever. The X10 mini is touted to be pretty fast at <15k. What're the differences amongst these devices? And what does really matter ? As in, how do people end up using Android phones differently from regular phones?

Jade said...

Well, as regards upgrading to a new phone when the old one seems to meet all the requirement is actually opening the trapdoor that leads people to upgrade just because the old one seems outdated. I have been using the E72 (all functions and many third party apps too) very optimally. I do not know anyone using so many functions on a phone.

Wait another year, when the smartphones become smarter and have more avatars. Also an upgrade at 15 K will keep you somewhere where you presently are.

The difference of costs will always remain between capacitative / inductive touchscreen and QWERTY Phones primarily attributed vanity value.

Dharni said...

Interestingly I'm also looking for a new phone and. Was comparing Nokia N90 mini/Iphone/Any decent android. Any idea how good are the nokia symbian phones (apps availability).

sameer said...


Symbian, right now, is avoidable. Android phones are a-plenty in the 15-35 range. If money is no bar, then the Nexus One is the phone to get. HTC phones are pretty good too.