Woods and the Trees

We're pretty interesting as a species.

We experiment, spend time/effort/money to make automobiles just that 5-10% more efficient. Even a light 1000kg car - with 2 passengers - essentially uses most of the power to move itself.

We invented CFLs, LEDs and increasingly way more efficient forms of lighting. To light pathways, roads, streets and places with a near-zero human population or movement all night. In fact, a city is praised for "being well lit" all night even tho the number of bulbs faaaaar outnumber the number of people all night.

We watch "reality" on TV.

We ALL want exclusive, unique experiences.

We want super efficient production - the goal being the elimination of as many people from the production cycle as possible. In heavy engineering, in agriculture, even in software. We also have started replacing consumers with super efficient ones that support "growth" is price/sales - via commodity trading! All so human beings can lead better, happier lives.

We define and seek templates for how to break the mould, think out of the box and chase our dreams.

We all want to better than average at most things.

We believe in notions of equality, fairness. We also use or invent all available ways to assert dominance, authority and superiority over everyone we can.

We want a better future for ourselves and our kids. We're mostly caught up is quarterly results and short term goals.

We want to explore the world for newer, stranger experiences. We are investing heavily into, and using readily, technology to connect more and more with "people like us" and ideas we agree with.

We have more, faster tools for communication. And we do much more tof this:
We have more information than ever. Attention spans have shortened and deep thought has fled us.

We have cut down forests, directly and indirectly. And support "plant a tree" initiatives all the time.

We are all expressing ourselves more often, more widely and more loudly. To an audience that has less and less time, or inclination to listen in toviews other than their own, or to anything thats not entertaining.

We want our impact on the planet to lessen. Starting after we are done buying the SUV, or large screen TV, or 5 more energy consuming devices.

We want dustbins in every corner. So we can "safely" dispose of - read move out of sight - all the junk that we did not need to generate and throw into garbage cans in the first place.

We have invented increasingly complex monetary systems that none of us understand or control anymore.

We spread and support democracy with a missionary zeal. Yet a few companies control most foodgrain, and a handful control most production and monetary flows in the world - much fewer than ever before.

We are inventing shoes that help you feel you're running barefoot. Expensive shoes :)

We fly across the globe as ecologically conscious tourists.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

I don't think its hypocrisy. Its probably some kind of blindness, or at least myopia. We really cannot see the disappearing woods and get caught up in delighting at the artificially grown trees as part of our massive landscaping effort.

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