More of What?

18 hours a day are no more enough

You wish you had twenty eight.

Two hands seem like a limitation.


For consecutive years of growth

And comfort beyond your 22 year old dreams

At 40 is a mere stepping stone 

To bigger things



Of the same?

That could take care of 15 of you and never needs to?


Or of time?

And of sane lives and happy faces around you.

That you might have not caused, but did not disrupt either?


Of little important things

That make your live your debt to the future a little

Not just in preparation of securing it against unknown yet terrible fears?


Of unimportant meetings

Of unproductive investments into unfocused relationships with random people

That in the end count not because they work out for you

But because they happened.


Maybe you have a meaning, or a purpose

Maybe you don't


But just the chasing of 

The next adjective, noun that starts to own you and the meaning

Because it appreared on the horizon

And took complete control of you


Is that it?

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