Happy Holi - days

Had a terrifically long weekend. Went to Forum on Sat with Akshat after idli-vada for breakfast at Woodys (Shubha did not have a day off so baap beta went all over town by themselves).
Finally saw The Incredibles - I have a suspicion Akshat did not like it tooo much tho I did :)
Bought Akshat tickets (over 3) for the first time.
Went to The Landmark and bought some books and toys - there are some neat books for < 50/- these days so you can buy as many as you like!
Was amazed to see rattle off the names of all the chessment when he saw a chessboard in one of the aisles! He's been doing more at school than he cares to discuss at home :) He's also beginning to get the notion of addition and subtraction in his head!
Saturday was spent celebrating holi in the morning - cleaning up in the afternoon and attending
mu ex bosses' daughter's bday party hosted in Cubbon Park and ending with a toy train ride there! Akshat had lots of fun this weekend.
Saw ShrekII on DVD later. Finally managed to get a DVD of The Wall too.
Sunday was devoted to new apartment plans and posession. The interior work starts and hope it turns out like we plan.
Bangalore's been very well behaved or rather we didnt venture out in the worst traffic. Plus all of Bannerghata Road is paved now :) Upto Arekere at least...

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