What next ?

Life has offered many twists - and today I heard that one of my colleagues - he'd become more of a friend than most other people here - hanged himself. K was a great guy - funny and great company. We had common gripes, and he was an equally sentimental guy. I just wish he had a little more courage and had spoken to me or anyone about his problems.
We're all geting a little too stuck in our cubicles, minds, lives, cars. Everyone's a stranger and friendships are superficial, transient, and based on transactions, performance.
Just on Sunday I'd actually looked forward to meeting him in office - had chatted with him in Feb about both our issues at work. I'm still hoping this is all a dream or some elaborate prank.

Hv got specs - started getting used to them. Still wondering about next steps in life. Just when you start worrying about the 'value-adds' something like this happens and makes you think of the more important and taken for granted stuff.

Sent/Got a mail from Doug - old friend from my Sequent days - he's enjoying his time off from work life for now in MN. Wish there was enough cash or goodwill for ppl to meet up when they wished to in any part of the world - but theres passports and visas and airfares and so many other boundaries we have created and now work hard to get past.

The funny thing is - after all this in a weeks time we'll be planning a release/movie/vacation/interiors for the home again.

K - i'll miss you. Wish I could've helped.

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