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Pretty true point of view - kinda mimics discussions I've had amongst pals. Esp the bit about 'exhaustion'. You HAVE to be able to breathe to think, and to think to create or innovate. Else its all donkey-biz.

Most interestingly - the no of people who seem to agree - obviously a ton are just hanging around in office cause either they have no place to go (scary scenario once u're 40 and no social life/skills) or want to keep a good 'impression' going - have personally faced that.

And MNC/web co offices are not too different from Wipro etc despite what they'd like to believe. This HAS to change if there's to be a more sustainable growth model for the Indian industry.


biju said...

so very true. I myself dont have an active social life. But I've atleast made it a point to not overwork myself. well, atleast most of the time

sameer said...

Yeah thats the least we owe to ourselves. Soon 40 will be upon us, and arthiritis will follow ....