Productivity and the time angle

Was chatting with a friend about how time is the only variable thats squeezed commonly for productivity - and one which hits it upper bound very quickly - and its all downhill from there. So much so that a lot of managers actually equate productivity with the hours spent.

Here are some other variables to control....from my limited experience:

a. don't plan too much too soon or design in too much detail too early (XP) - expect changes.
b. allow for learning curves
c. its ok to say it'll take more time.
d. focus on improving skills, collective knowledge in team, dissemination (i dont mean 'seminars')
e. true ownership/buy in. not a mill-malik/mazdoor relationship
f. breathing space. helps solve the big problems real quick. if you cannot breathe, innovation = 0
oh yeah and
g. a team is made of N individuals who are ALL different - different skills, strengths, usefulness, speeds, ways of working. Don't expect (N-1) clones of ur favourite drone. Thats counter productive. The idea is that the team does enough with each guy playing a role. Is everyone in a movie a central character ? Yet the story is impossible without everyone.

This whole thing started cause
- this guy said he was in the UK and found the work atmosphere much more relaxed compared to the donkey-slogs people by and large define work-life as in India
- I have been proceeding at a comfortable pace (for a startup) and producing much more than in my corporate avataars.

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