Underpass, overpromised, overchieved!

BBMPs "Magic Box" has been in the news for a while now, and is now nearly there.

It got ravaged by the press, at lest the TOI. Poor guys made the mistake of being transparently optimistic and said it'd take a mere 72 hours - but that became 33 days by the time it got done.

33 days - are you kidding me? When was the last time one saw any infrastructural project in Bangalore get done inside of 6 months - leave alone 33 days ? Even el-simplo stuff like relaying sidewalks took months together - and often got abandoned midway.

We got to give credit where its due - and in this case its definitely due! Kudos BBMP - this leaves me with a lot of optimism for further, quick improvements where bottlenecks are spotted. Perhaps, just perhaps, Bangalore is starting to learn how to manage its new expanded size.

[ Aside : reminds one a lot of the software industry - young, inexperiences enthusiasm genuinely imagines tasks getting over "by Wednesday" and 2 weeks later gets a lot of flak for being late for stuff that would've taken 3 weeks anyhow. ]

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