Dunno how effective/impactful this will be - but if there's any iota of a chance that it helps, this survey is worth taking. Takes under 2 mins.

Honestly, even if the roads are great, it hardly makes sense for those taking short haul flights (Chennai, Mysore, even Hyderabad, Mangalore) to travel that far out when a decent airport exists right in the centre of the city. One might be better off taking the train/bus or driving.

There's the added burden of huge costs, both to get to BIAL as well as in terms of the extra charges there. BIAL is a sure option for long distance flights, and we definitely need an efficient, scalable airport for international traffic. But they can make an exception for the short haul ones, at least.

Frankly, even a days trip to Delhi and back will be that much more strenuous now. Some early morning/late night flights for all domestics routes can also be routed to HAL.

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