Doc Rajat's Advice for TFN

Doc Rajat of Manipal Cure &Care helped out with some advice about training for the TFN. A lot of the audio below is unclear - have typed out a rough transcript below as well.

Doc-Doc Rajat

S:Should we start ?
S:...Just did 70km last sun - had done about max 40 before that
What happened was i felt some pain around the lower part of my knee
Its kind of disappeared over the last couple of days - I just kept riding
I'm just wondering what i did wrong and how one can recover from this.

Doc: As u said 40 is the longest you rode and thats really important because you doubled it right away.
Thats incorrect when you talk about endurance - running/cycling - what we recommend is 10% increases - because ur body needs to adapt - that was the big issue here.
Whatever you're complaining about - the layman bit - i think it is probably ITB - (?) - it happens suddenly - its like a sharp pain around there - each step that you take

S: It was happening only when i was cranking, or climbing stairs

Doc: Exactly - that usually happens amongst cyclists/runners - why it happens is as u increase ur inc ir mileage too much too soon - ur musculature is not right - maybe muscular imbalance problem - the stretching is not there - in cycling its not an issue but for runners the shoes may be wrong - it may seem all fine over short distances - it takes the strain - but its the distance that you do at one go - should not be more than 10% - mileage growth in a week, again, should not be more than 10%
Having said that, whatever your distance target is for the race - I would say do not test it right away - build it up over 2/3 weeks - basically the issue we have is you have around 5 weeks - and you need to taper off as well - its not like till the 5th week you have to stretch it - you have to go up and come down - so don't do too much - even you've done 70% of the distance you're fine

More than the distance its how much time you spend onthe bike.

S:And abt nutrition - have read we're supposed to eat 300 cal/hr

Doc: Professional Sports ppl more than amateurs - they're always looking for power gel, power bars - most of us are comfortable with natural - our normal diet so thats something you should try out beforehand so you get used to it - its something you've never taken - so while on the ride don't take it for the first time - it reacts.

But the bars are good - the way they're designed is they give you an immediate kick of carbohydrate or sugar...

S:Are there any indigenous foods so you don't have to carry everything, food store locally

Doc:They're great - this is not medical but as a runner - but don't bank on local stores etc - always have it in ur car or whatever vehicles supporting you - in the whole run dont depend on local availability - its better to cater to urself - not necessarily on you - but ...

S:In terms of salt intake - how do you really manage - is food enough ?

Doc:yes and no -

so if you're not cycling very quick - and have been cycling for a long time - its ok. More than plain water - i'd suggest having solvent sugar in it - much better than plain - try to have water with glucose it it - normal glucon-D - don't have too much plain water - too many people wait till they're very thirsty - and drink 1/2 or 1 litre at one shot.


In sports its very rare for people to have dehydration - its more common to have over-hydration.


rough guidelines:
About 250ml everyhour
Drink regularly - small sips

The last part is about what issues to look out for when starting to train for something like this after relative inactivity. Essentially some free consultation :)

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