Tour of Nilgiris Signup!

Did something my logical part had shot down after lots of deliberation - registered for days 3,4,5 of this - flyer below:

Will be posting training log updates here - starting with todays 68.8 km ride to Chikka Tirupati and back which has made me realize a lot of things I need to overcome before I consider myself capable of doing the 3 days I plan to.


Ravi said...

Keep going dude!
You may have to give a lil more of you here ... but as yourself if it is difficult??
More than anything else the sense of achievement is what give you the thrill!
ain't you thrilled today?? 68.8Kms .. wow!
~ Ravi

neuromancer said...

I use my cycle as the primary mode of transportation. And usually get to do a ~50 km ride on some weekdays too. That way i dont need to steal away time from other things for training. Plus the weekend rides are a must. Will join u on some long ride dude (After Bangalore Ultra, Nov 16th). Although i've done quite a few long rides, i'm still a slow n unsteady rider!