Our e-port card so far

Having become more "enlightened" citizens, we've been trying to reduce our footprint as much as possible. Here's a few things achieved, and a few more to go.

+ I cycle to work 90%+ of the time
+ We reuse the "waste" water ejected by the RO filter
+ The automatic dryer is strictly for emergencies - not switched on for ages now
+ Try and aggressively avoid "standby mode" for TV/Home theatre/chargers - still left on 30% of the time tho :(
+ Determined to do fewer kilometers on the car. Working out very well, thank you!
+ Been trying to promote cycling in our circle of influence, and beyond. Decent success.

- Cannot seem to reduce geyser usage. Love warm water, and attempts at minimizing time switched on have failed.
- Have not revived attempts towards en-mass adoption of solar heating in our apartment complex
- Have failed in attempt towards getting apartment to optimize usage of diesel for backup gensets
- The Standby Switchoff is only a partial success - needs more work
- Plastic usage is still not low. There's so much that comes packaged in plastic from the stores :(

Overall, pleased - but there's scope for improvement.


SloganMurugan said...


Reminded me of this article in NATGEO

Mable said...
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Mable said...

It's so good to see you guys implement so much...especially the cycling part.
At our home we also follow some of the things you are saying:
1)Not using dryer in summer
2)Re-using the reverse osmosis water
3)Re-using Ziploc bags that are not soiled(eg, if it is only used to store non-greasy food, cutlery etc. it could be washed and re-used)
4)Switching off geysers: needs improvement actually
5)TV standby too needs improvement.
6)Started using a smaller car, for fuel efficiency
7)Switching off all electrical appliances when leaving a room

One measure to reduce plastics could be : carrying jute bags / plastic carry baskets(re-usable ones), to shops when doing grocery shopping. We havent yet tried...would like to..it's just forgetfulness..often forget to just pick it up, before heading to the store!

Keep up the green spirit!

Thejesh GN said...

I carry my cloth bag nowadays...