Skoda : Skeletons in the Closet ?

This is probably a good read for potential Skoda buyers, and auto enthusiasts generally.

The original string of problems and the subsequent responses, and even a threat from Skoda's representative!

Its amazing how unprofessional the entire response has been. On the other hand, as one story after another starts to surface about parts exchanged, inaction on Skoda's part when faced with consumer complaints against dealers, it starts to make one wonder if all is well. There are potentially some systemic issues that need to be set right, and Skoda has an opportunity to either come clean, or potentially face a severe drop in consumer confidence.


James said...

Please get in touch with Mr. Sudhir Srinivas from the Skoda after sales department on or 0240 663 1256 to resolve your concerns

Ashwin said...

@ James, whoever told you that the problems are his?

You have read the thread at Team BHP. You should respond there or you should mention your views here. If he had any problems, he would have contacted Skoda. If he is not satisfied after contacting Skoda, he would have posted it here.

By any chance, are you threatening him that he should resolve his concerns ONLY with you?

Dude, freedom of speech....heard of it?

sameer said...


I'm merely assuming that you represent Skoda - from the tenor of your comment.

Its not my issue at all. Just something I happened to notice on one of the fora I'm on, and something that surprised me inasmuch the handling of the incident did not appear - in my opinion - to be very smart. I'm sure (and hopefully correct) that Skoda customers - especially those who have faced these issues - are aware of appropriate customer service channels.

The question I've wondered about was what Skoda might be doing to alleviate these concerns that many of its customers have had to go live with in a public forum quickly and appropriately. Its important that a brand respond to its users with more than customer service numbers when things go wrong. The drop in brand equity, otherwise, could be a fallout of the lack of commensurate response.


Thanks for the support. I do think Skoda's gotten into damage control mode, and is not trying to attack freedom of speech etc. In this case I've hardly even expressed an opinion - I'd just want my friends to be aware of potential issues and arrive at their own informed conclusion before they consider Skoda cars.