Your Own Little Space ? Update ...

Some more details are available.

Likely location: Carmelaram - about 2.2 kms off the Sarjapura Road - the left turn before the railway track. Nice serene location and not far from the ORR, or Whitefield, or Sarjapura Road. The connections to Hosur Road make Electronic City a quick drive as well. The road that leads to the place has beautful old trees on both sides, and given campuses with Churches and associated buildings, is unlikely to get too urbanized too quickly. Sarjapura Road in the vicinity has all the creature comforts including stores, restaurants, etc. There's a couple of convenience shops in Carmelaram as well. The Carmelaram railway station is less than a km away, and hopefully Bangalore will have a train service someday ;)

What: About 30 homes - between 1300-2000 sqft in size. Land lots between 1500-3000sqft. A 2 acre campus overall. Some goals:
  • Build less, and not with too much concrete showing. Lots of open, community spaces.
  • Be as carbon neutral and energy efficient as possible
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • The area is the starting point for numerous jogging and cycling trails :)
  • Develop a natural waterbody in campus. If the finances work out, a small pool as well.
Pricing: Should be between 45-65L for various options. This is indicative, of course, and will keep interested folks updated. Given lower than market pricing, there will be a certain amount of "seed funding" for the project.

If you know folks who're looking at homes in the area, let me know - numbers will make this dream a reality. You can drop me mail at get DOT sameer AHT gmail DOT com.


Here's a presentation with some early details. Nothing's frozen yet, and the idea is to iterate over the needs with those who're interested.


Ravi said...

I would be interested.

Ezbzbee said...

I would be interested too.
- Anand (E301)

Hawkeye said...

Very interested. left you a scrap on orkut.