Coffee ? Hangout!

Have you been to all these Coffee Hangouts? They made it into my cell cam over the last few days. Amazingly, given the name of the blog, this is the first Coffee-Only post!

Thats Panchami Garden on Bannerghata Road near the Jayadeva Flyover

Thats the cute little BMTC Canteen - opp Qwikys, 6th Block, Koramangala!

2/3 Coffee, HSR opp the BDA Complex makes good Filter Coffee at 20/-

The CCD in BTM is on the 1st Floor - the basement holds music classes!

Thats Qwikys in Koramangala that was the usual hangout

The Cafe @ FabIndia in Koramangala is cheap, pretty...

... and the service is great too. Rolls, cake, chai.

Hmmm, no Darshinis in there yet. And they make the best, cheapest coffee. Gotta fix that soon.

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Ravi said...

Noting on Sarjapura Road?