Final steps towards the coming true of a dream

Many moons ago - in fact monsoons ago - we started pursuing a dream - of owing a little place in Coorg that we could both call home, and plan a foray into hospitality using. Over time, Shubha and I have learned about Coorg, its people, the weather, coffee, construction using laterite, Mangalore tiles, and a lot more about wood than we ever knew. Of course, its a baby step, but the house is ready, and with a week or so more of effort, Linger will be reality.


Its a green, pretty place and we're trying our best to not 'landscape' it cause we can hardly hope to achieve what nature's managed. Yet there's the odd bit of work left, and books to be bought, and cycles to be added, trails identified, and food tasted :) 

Linger welcomes you starting March 1st, 2010, to come, relax, do nothing and, well, linger!

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