Train timings at Carmelaram Railway Station

Posting a mail I received - this can become a major commute option for people living around Sarjapura Road.

Train timings at carmelaram railway station:

Trains going towards salem :

train no 2677  intercity exp                            6 46 am

            6232 mysore mayiladuthurai exp      19 42 hrs
            6732 mysore tuticorin exp                21 59 hours
            6527  Yeshwantpur cannanore exp   20 44 hrs (wed and sat)
            572  bangalore salem passenger       7 54 hrs
                    yeshwantpur salem pasnger    17 00 hrs
                    bangalore dharmapuri              19 13 hrs

Trains going  towards bangalore city, yeshwanthpur,mysore,

train no  2677  intercity                                            18 47 hrs
             mayiladuthurai - mysore exp                        04 30 hrs
             Tuticorin/ mysore exp                                  0515 hrs
             cannore yeshwanthpur                                 05 46 hrs ( mon wed sat)
             Dharmapuri bangalore                                  07 09 hrs
             salem  yeshwanthpur exp                             09 05 hrs
             salem bangalore exp                                   17 11 hrs

it is better to call the railway station for the exact timings for the day the  station num is 28441615

However the express trains are stopping on trial basis only, if the passenger usage is not as per expected levels they would discontinue these stops, request all to use this service and make this service a regular one.

If you live in the vicinity, do explore this. Its gotta be faster than anything else!

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Prabakaran said...

Dear Sameer,

Any 2 wheeler parking place available near carmelaram station please..