The kids need a better world.

Better broadband ?
Better digital interfaces ?
More connected online communities ?
Cooler handhelds ?
Quicker cars ?

Or cleaner air ?
Water ? (Man, this one is getting close.)
Livable cities ?

What do we leave behind ?
Plastic hills ?
Fenced, protected, expensive fresh water sources ?
Bubbles of glass inside which breathing is possible ?
Anger, despair, anxiety as the collective consciousness ?

Will they mock us ?
Curse ?
Deride our shortlived choices ?
Our escapist mechanisms to cope with threats ?
The generations that did not stand and fight and solve.
But escaped into the nether.
Created money, and used it to hide the sins.

Our lifespans are a curse, I read somewhere.
Looks like the curse is on our kids. And we're responsible.

I'm just wondering if there's a breaking point someplace and if we're all Neros.

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Ramjee said...


We are losing ourselves in the mire of technological progress at the cost of social and environment. The cost of this unfortunately will be borne by our next generations and of course by us when we are incapable of adapting to any change(old age).

I am still surprised at how well human beings a few thousand years ago understood and ingrained this concept as a part of their livelihood, and we who boast as the most advanced fail to grasp this simple concept.

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