Dear GIMC,

Know what, I'm starting to get pissed with all the cynicism.

Let's show some spirit/character here, and stop using the shield of resignedness and hopelessness to avoid action/responsibility/effort, esp collective responsibility.

Its your job. Not your job "too", but your job. "They"/"the government"/"politicians" are not responsible for everything. You leave a vacuum, some or the other vested interest will smartly fill it up. So stop sitting on your rearsides, and stop leaving these vacuums.


Sameer (erstwhile member)

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Anonymous said...

What is this GIMC ?

sameer said...

The Great Indian Middle Class

Jade said...

Well, GIMC has and will remains great?
Because, it is the only class that rants and rants. It understands the plight of the ones lower on the Food Chain while dreaming of rising on the food chain.
This is true statistically speaking, even though there are enough people who think and act otherwise. It is assumed that those half way up will always shout and rant the most, thus the good advise falls on deaf ears. It is like asking a kleptomaniac to stop stealing - the day that happens, (s)he will no longer be a kleptomaniac!
Still, I hope that the GIMC will one day change; for the better.

Ramjee said...

the way out is simple. each one unto himself/herself should aim for a better living. The problem is they aim for just only their better living and in the process everyone ends up worse. The failure to realize this simple concept is nothing but rant.

Take one small step in the right direction.