What is Happiness ?

That you're loved and treasured ?
Superiority ? Status, as measured ?
Security, comfort ? Riches, glory, or fame ?
A respected, recognizable name ?
The joy of giving something your all ?
Being able to get up after you fall ?
Freedom, or even an irresponsible path !?
The courage, means and will to follow your heart ?
That you're as curious as you ever were ?
Contentment ? Or a forever hunger ?
Is it in you, or around ?
Is it lost, or is it found ?

Is it merely a lack of reasons to be not ?
Only in its absence sought ?
Is it a state ? Or in one, a pause ?
Just an effect, or as much a cause ?
Does it makes all these feel true -
The things that add up to ?

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Vasanth G.Benjamin said...

Alone in the big city !
“Here I am watching through the window, from one of the most happening cities of India, all together, and yet alone… A long way from home, but so close, as to heart. A life which has become my very own”.

My very own journey is the search to find my very self......