Total Mall's Drop (Bus) Service

Pretty good move! Total Mall on Sarjapura Road has started a bus service to drop people who shop there to their doorstep. The map attached shows the apartment complexes the service is available for. No more need to take your car, and no autowallah headaches. All they need to add is a pickup service at a fee thats redeemable at the Mall.

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Anonymous said...

We shop frequently at Total Mall Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. Today we had a horrible experience with their Bus Service - "Total Express". After shopping, we came out to find a full bus. Total attendant told us to board the next bus. We sat in the bus and waited for it to be filled. When the driver came, we told him we wanted drop at Purvasunshine apt near Kaikondrahalli. He did not respond and started driving. He took a different route and we thought may be he wanted to drop a passenger with crying child first. But then he went further and dropped other passengers. We waited patiently for him to take us. After all passenger were dropped off, we told him again about dropping us at Purva apt and told him that it was supposed to be his first stop. He then started shouting that this was Bellandur bus and he cannot take us to Kaikondrahalli. We told him that he should have informed us at Total Mall itself so that we could have got off. But he started arguing and saying his time to get off work is near and he will not take us anywhere. He asked us to get off the bus and find different transportation. His behavior was very rude and arrogant. He did not give us feedback form even after repetitively asking for it. He finally took us back to Total from where the supervisor took our compliant and asked us to board another bus. Our apartment is just 10 mins walk from Total, but as bus was available, we boarded it. But this whole episode took 45 mins of our time when we could have reached home in 10 mins. The "Total Express" is a nice initiative but with such arrogant and rude bus drivers it becomes more of hassle than service. Driver Name: Ravi and Vehicle No. 7418