Alumni meet and Coffee House treat

The BITOSA chapter of Bangalore finally got going - Dr. Pandey himself attended the gathering and the overall response was huge - more than 290 registrations from the first to the most recent batch!
I met people I'd never imagined I'd meet again - or recognise :)
Ramesh, Swayambhu and I went to India Coffee House - after ages! After Barista and Coffee day and the like, this was a refreshing change. Apparently its managed as a co-operative run by the waiters etc - after the government first decided to sell it off because of low profitability! We discussed our mid-life crises and how the continuous corporate cauldrons over 8 years had sucked the life force out of us and all we were left with was this uneasy unhappy feeling in the background.
We are approaching middle age rapidly :)
Came home after that - a day of low traffic and no 'value-add' - need more such.

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