Oracle Layoffs at Bangalore

A lot of my friends took a hit at the Bangalore layoffs - and I'm not yet sure how many. This whole Peoplesoft buyout episode has got Oracle some real bad press and employees a lot of unnecessary hardship. A lot of these guys were real hardworking, committed people doing a great job working on successful projects! Is it merely for the few cents that the stock will gain for a brief time over this quarter or the next ?

It begs the question - what do employers really expect when they ask for ownership and commitment ? Is sounds like a very unfair one-way deal. At least in India people are not that great at handling these situations, and a lot many will become that bit more risk averse.

Guys like Infy and Wipro hire people and match them upto available work (and Tisco and Tata Motors have been in that mode for generations). Laying of someone is under extreme duress for these orgs - unlike the MNCs who hire people for specific tasks. Which mode is better is up for grabs - but at the moment it does feel like a guy would want to invest more commitment to someone who's in with them for the long haul.

All the best to all those guys who bore the brunt of this - hope you come out of this better. I know a lot of you guys needed to be in better jobs anyway.

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